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‘Provocateurs’ dream up new futures, Assembly for the Future, Uncharted Territory Canberra, 5 July 2023

Experience ‘The Planting’ at The Goods Shed, Castlemaine Mail, 6 April 2023

Castlemaine State Festival: The Planting, Limelight Magazine, 6 April 2023

Agora 5. The Things We Did Next: embracing the mess, Plurality University Network, 1 January 2023

Futures with Alex Kelly and John Wiseman, a podcast about The Planting and climate futures, Saltgrass Podcast, 13 April 2022

Dadirri and the fateful trajectory of 2020-2029, Dispatch from the Future by Jordan Lacey, published by Dumbo Feather, 1 December 2020

Still life by Jinghua Qian, artistic response to Assembly for the Future: The Last Disabled Oracle, published in The Saturday Paper, 12 September 2020

Creative Responders: in Conversation with Alex Kelly, A podcast exploring the power of the arts and creativity in disaster management, Creative Recovery Network, July 2020

Love letter from 2029: I want you to know we did it, we turned the ship around, Scott Ludlam’s address for Assembly for the Future, printed by The Guardian, 30 July 2020

Poems in Crisis, by Amanda Anastasi, artistic response to Assembly for the Future: Beyond Whiteness, published by Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub

BLEED 2020: Assembly for the Future, by Carissa Lee, Witness Performance, 13 July 2020

Pre-pandemic thinking creates timely digital performance-based festival, BLEED Festival announcement, by Gina Fairly, Arts Hub, 4 June 2020

‘How can we imagine the things we did next?’, Backgrounder on TTWDNext by Alex Kelly and also published in The Victorian Writer magazine April 2020

The Saturday Paper: Portrait – Producer Alex Kelly, by Kirsten Krauth, Edition 265, August 2019

‘Maverick artist and change agent’, Profile on Alex Kelly by Kieren Finnane, Alice Springs News, 2017

‘David Pledger and Alex Kelly: Art gets Hot!’, Interview about a previous collaboration, by Celeste Hawkins, The Art & The Curious, 2015

David Pledger, curator, 2970° The Boiling Point, Interview with David Pledger in The Weekend Edition Gold Coast


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