Assembly for the Future is a series of participatory, digital gatherings in which the public create new visions for futures that may be realistic, idealistic or utterly fanciful.

Assembly for the Future had its World Premiere at BLEED Festival 2020, involving over 250 future-building participants, and 40 artists, thinkers, provocateurs and cultural operators who generated a body of work from 2029 as Dispatches from the Future, Future Archive, and First Speaker’s provocations here below.


Welcome to Assembly for the Future, with our host Alex K and First Speaker Claire G Coleman. After rapid demographic shifts worldwide and the global uprisings in the early 2020s, the world began to spin on a different axis. Claire G Coleman’s address from 2029, shows us the power of revealing the truth and remembers how we won the battles against colonial injustice and white supremacy in the 2020s.

9 Jul 2020


Welcome to Assembly for the Future, with our host Alex K and First Speaker Scott Ludlam. Scott Ludlam traverses the processes that transformed the previous decade. When the old world began to splinter and smash in 2020, what grew in the open ground was genuinely new: with boldness and care, insight and compassion, we found a way home by 2029.

23 Jul 2020

Welcome to Assembly for the Future, with our host Alex K and First Speaker Alice Wong. Disabled oracles have existed throughout time. What will they say in 2029, when some disabilities have disappeared due to technology and cures? Listen to the tale from Alice Wong, the Last Disabled Oracle, and the wisdom she shares from her ancestors.

6 Aug 2020


If you’re overwhelmed by the present because you feel the future is already here and you can’t imagine what’s next, then we invite you to assemble with us to collectively imagine better worlds. Using a simple approach involving a keynote provocation, intuitive responses and facilitated collective creation, we envisage new pathways for the coming ten years.

Working within an assembly of thinkers, artists and provocateurs, you are invited to become protagonists, to put your imagination at the service of creating other, better, futures.

Assembly for the Future was developed in early 2020 in response to the material conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, and draws upon a presentation mode and sensibility embedded in 2970° Practising Democracy, the signature event dramaturgy developed by not yet it’s difficult.

The first edition of Assembly for the future was commissioned, developed and supported by the City of Melbourne through Arts House as part of BLEED 2020.


Wukan dhelkek Dja Dja Wurrung djayi ba marti guli ba duroyi.
I give my respect to Dja Dja Wurrung Country and their Ancestors.
– Alex K, Keeper of Time